Following a heated shouting match several years ago with the Flexcar founder and CEO over the meaning of ‘lifetime,’ I conceived in my heart a vicious hatred of the company, a shiftless excuse to milk the public teat under the guise of environmental sensibility not equaled until the dawn of ecofuels.

During the operation’s recent endgame, the con-artists sought to protect a set of tax breaks that made them a more attractive acquisition target, and, surprise surprise, were bought out by East Coast-based carshare operation Zipcar.

Hey! What’s this? It seems, according to Slog post Zipcar Responds, that they are staffed by a higher grade of evildoer than the home-grown operation.

This should come as no surprise, if one considers the predator pyramid. The only question, really, is whether or not Zipcar employed mind-controlling earwigs to drive the tax-break-protection lobbying, or if the Flexcar drones acted of their own free will.