Poking about this weekend as I listened to Steve’s 20-year-old tape, I came across a few posts from some MP3 blog called ‘Shards of Beauty.‘ Imagine my surprise when, after finally locating Steve’s blog, ‘Made Explicit,‘ it became clear to me that I know the anonymous poster behind Shards of Beauty, and that he’s been busy digitizing and posting some exceedingly interesting vinyl and cassettes from back in the day.

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  1. PS I don’t know if this is germane–but at least it’s German: the archive of a recent broadcast o WMFU with Alex Hacke of Einstuerzende Neubauten:


    Playlist includes link to stream of archive. It’s an episode of Strength through Failure with Fabio, from Jan. 10, 2007. The theme of the show is ‘backwards’–a lot of things are played backwards, including famed ‘backwards masking’ songs. Alex Hacke talks about the new fan-based distribution model the band’s using as an alternative to a label…

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