I don’t really know if this is interesting in the least, even to my self, except that it must be to me since I just spent the last hour fiddling with gadgets in order to realize that maybe I had something worth the hour I’d just spent.

A few years ago I picked up a weird, japanese-market private label (IBM, for god’s sake) Palm V and entertained myself trying to figure out what the heck one could do with an ancient 8mb Palm.

A fair amount, as it happens. Games, for one, though they are old-skool in spades. Offline AvantGo, for another, though getting the increasingly creaky Palm sync conduits to play nice with Mac OS X was painful at the time.

Since the whole Palm hardware line was undergoing a series of very rapid changes, a great deal of remaindered hardware appeared on ebay for under $10, and I picked up this and that, including a folding Palm keyboard, which works but not so well that I ever used it much, although this blog entry is an exception.

Anyway, long story short, the device worked as a test case and convinced me that I would enjoy a Treo as a phone when the time came, not so long ago.

I retired the Palm V as a bedside clock and handheld reader, and chronicled it here. I read a few Project Gutenberg and Manybooks.net

argh, just lost a whole bunch of this entry due to fumblefingers. I lack the patence to recover it. Looks like I’ll just delete the entry. so sorry, never mind!