Viking Kittens fits my long-standing mission of bringing examples of online silliniess with a feline theme to your eyes.


It also goes against my longstanding mission of wiping out incidents of Led Zeppelin consumption. THAT mission had its’ highwater mark when I took a nail to a roomie’s vinyl copy of , um, I think it was called “IV”?

It was thoughtless of me; I was but a callow youth. I made good. I’m still kind of embarassed about it.

(There’s a theme of busting records here this week. Did I do it as a child?)

(OMG, yes. I had an Oscar the Grouch 45, “I Love Trash”, which I still have. It was something I treasured but somehow it bothered me that the record was not itself trash; if it were, that would be, I dunno, esthetically pleasing? So I verrrry carefully broke the single on one side. So carefully, in fact, that you can fit the edges of the break together and play the record.)

(Damn, I’m kind of… different, huh?)

So, in the interests of demonstrating my broadmindedness, there’s the link. Via the only Chaucer-citing blogger I know of. He got it from the revivified Daypop, whence it came from mefi.

Got that?

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  1. Sorry if Zeppelin is not to your taste; if you navigate up to, though, you’ll be able to find kittens doing, um, “covers” of the White Stripes and John B.

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