While The Fat Guy was experiencing “severe technical difficulties” as I wrote this, last week, among other thing, he posted item two in my list of that which made me laugh as I sweated my way through the fall of95{
In typically amusing fashion he’s thoughtfully provided not only a notification of his difficulties but also a dancing pig, which may be relied upon for hours of compelling and thought provoking entertainment. Hell, it worked for Hee Haw, right?

UPDATE: he’s back.

Dancing pig here.

However, what he posted last week was a guide to interpreting what an acquaintance referred to as “moron art”, the warning graphics affixed to heavy machinery and, I suppose, intended to
a) protect the manfacturer from lawsuits and
b) provide the end user with entertainment and a moment’s thought prior to, for example, attempting to use a Cat dozer-dumper to cut overhead electrical wires.

Should Mr. TFG re-establish his content, I will certainly link to it here.

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