Over the past week, I have heard a radio spot for the Washington State Lottery in which an insecure male attempts to impress a female with his collection of medals, one of which she spots as a phoney.

The male voice actor is amusing and disconcertingly familiar-sounding. I’m certain it’s either Jorge Garcia or a voice-actor deliberately emulating the rotund comedian’s inflection and delivery.

Who is Jorge Garcia, you say? Why, he plays the cheerful sad sack Hurley on ABC’s Lost! What the hell is blogworthy about this?

Well, Garcia’s character is a lottery winner believes that life was totally and completely ruined through his encounter with ‘the numbers,’ which he played to win the lottery.

So, somewhere out there in adland, someone made the bright decision to feature as the spokesperson for the Washington State Lottery an actor who defines a character with a view of his lottery experience as a profound and fatal blight.

It’s sorta like hiring Travis Bickle to produce comedic spots for the NRA!