I received an email (presumably due to these blog posts) from the owners of Tacoma’s hallowed Java Jive at the end of January and promptly forgot to post it here.


“I love coffee, I love tea, I love the Java Jive and it loves me”.

Those words have been the life story of the little Coffee Pot on South Tacoma Way for 80 years now.

I’m the grandson of Bob. My mom is Danette Staatz, I’m Rich Staatz.

Tacoma fire code and other factors have shut us down for the time being.

We have been in the Tacoma Tribune since January 25th and on, and all over the TV regarding this.

Volunteers have stepped in to help, i.e.: Blaze Electric pulled a permit with their own money the next day after the close. Tacoma Electric Supply has donated and gave reduced cost on supplies. Journeymen electrical contractors have been donating there time to demo and rewire the jive, family and friends/customers have been cleaning and getting rid of stuff. But we need more help.

We need: neon people, roofers, plumbers, carpenters, floor covering people, upholstery people, painters, etc.

We need cash donations or supplies to help renovate the Jive and get her back on her feet so she can keep on loving and caring for her customers for another 80 years.

I remember the days when I used to tend the bar back in ’93. The Jive was still the Jive with all its branches and stuff and it felt so alive, people really cared about it. They weren’t ripping up seats and writing things that were rude and uncalled for.

I see the Jive being something you could bring your kids or grandma too without a blind fold and still be a blast for all. God…I can’t seem to get the Simpsons nights out of my head, those were some good times. J!!


Tacoma Fire Dept made us take down all the branches and other decor that made the Jive unique. We will be putting some back up, but not all, after fire coating them.

We LOVE the Jive with all our hearts, and that feeling is mutual with most of the people who’ve been there.

The Jive has been a good friend to all who came through her doors.

Like my grandpa Bob use to say “there’s no free lunch here” but then would give the shirt off his back to help someone out of a jam, maybe even to a fault (if you were around, you know what I’m talking about). Moms the same way and yes even to a fault.

The Jive needs help out of a jam! Lets make her proud again!!

Donations to “Bob’s Java Jive” can be made at any:

Washington Federal Savings Bank or HomeStreet Bank

Anything helps!!

Thank you!!!

Bob’s Java Jive

2102 South Tacoma Way