WANTED: Old-style Apple firewire iSight. Will provide good home.

May have other antiquated and / or obsolescent Mac goodies to trade, going all the way back to SCSI and ADB peripherals. Probably the coolest stuff I have to offer for trade are ADB gaming inputs for flight simulators, including a Microsoft Sidewinder twisty stick and a CH Products throttle. I might have an ADB CH Fighterstick, non-twisty but full of buttony goodness, but I forget, as nontwisty frustrated me after I made the switch. I also have an 8 x 10 ADB Wacom tablet and might even be persuaded to part with a pair of USB CH flight pedals. What else? Yards of SCSI cables, several SCSI outboard drives including a very nice Jaz in a high-end housing, and a SCSI scanner. I do have a Griffin iMate ADB-to-USB adapter as well, but be advised, Mac OSX stopped including significant ancillary ADB code a few releases ago and in consequence, Griffin no longer supports the product.

Do not hold your breath for open-source driver support.

I realize the best candidate for this swap is someone who suffers from early-adopter-acqusitionitis and therefore prolly has boxes of superannuated gear, rendering my kind offer to add to the junkyard less-than-attractive, but hey! You never know!