Palm announced the lowball Treo 680 today with a street price of $199, low enough to drive my decision, once I’ve reviewed the specs. The lower-rez 320×320 screen is one issue; the press release elides mention of the OS but the screenshots appear to display Palm OS apps. The device comes with a paltry 64mb on-board memory (twice that of my dearly departed 650) and the release makes no mention of card slots.


Jury’s out, but given a card slot and Palm OS I can’t think of a reason not to fork it out. Updates when I find the true specs.

2 thoughts on “680 @ 199! I think perhaps maybe so!

  1. Upgraded my phone yesterday at Verizon. If this had been available, I would have gone for it. Instead I got a highly rated LG not smart device. It has millions of brilliant advertising features, sort of like using a windows computer. Navigating the menu involves paging through hundreds of “applications” that are actually advertisements for various dubious and expensive services offered by Verizon. Yes, I know, bitch bitch bitch, what was my point? My point was that I managed to resist, just barely, downloading “Beat On The Brat” to be my new ringtone. “Misirlou” by Dick Dale would have been good too.

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