The Seattle Times: Bumbershoot favorite busted, then banned

A brief article on Jason’s banishment from Bumbershoot. You know, the reasons to live here are thinning out.

I sent a note to the address provided here expressing my disappointment in the situation, but someone’s having DNS trouble, it bounced from the address.

Just to add insult to injury: I COMPLETELY forgot that Jason was playing a couple of shows this weekend. Dammit. So I missed them.

(The DNS trouble was local: there’s some sort of persistent problem in Apple’s implementation of lookupd and DNSAgent that causes it to just stop looking when it gets a timeout from a domain name server instead of continuing to query the next server on the list, or restarting the query at the top of the list.)

2 thoughts on “Jason gets the boot: Seattle Times

  1. Mike–would you like to see Jason’s show at the Olympia World News again in October? I’m considering it. The info from Jason’s events page:

    Oct 12 – Olympia, WA
    Olympia World News
    116 E. 4th Ave
    7:30 pm – All Ages

    I wrote a mini-review on Friday’s show at the Nordic Heritage Museum in the Guestbook, which you’ve probably already seen. It was quite a bit different from Jason’s usual events, but similar too, with an ensemble banded together and some Butoh performances. I need to get to know these folks better and get more involved in cool performance art activities of this sort!!


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