Rumors are flying today about a speculated January introduction for the long-sought iPhone. Lucky for me, it’s supposed to be Cingular-only.

Supposedly, October will see one or more introductions of new Treos to Cingular as well.

I don’t think I will need to choose between the iPhone and a Treo. It seems unlikely that Apple would introduce a phone with a full alphanumeric keyboard, and I am certainly a subscriber to the notion that one should generally avoid Apple’s 1.0 releases, particularly hardware ones.

In addition, Apple’s introductory price points for almost any new line have been unreasonably high for my taste. It would also stand to reason that Apple would use the new device to steer more subs for .Mac, something I’m not keen on either.

So I will certainly be a wait-and-see type when the iPhone eventually heaves into view. That said, once the line is well established and matures into the three market segements that nearly always appear in Apple product lines, I will certainly adopt the product.

That is, if Apple ever releases it.

One thought on “iPhone?

  1. Mike, Thanks for sounding all of those cautionary notes. I like my Apple products quite well, but they are exobitantly priced, and not nearly so grand as Apple would have us believe. Unfortunately, if Apple ran an ad claiming that their new phone would be an unbeatable chick magnet I might decide that was the perfect antidote to boredom and get out a credit card right there and then. Thanks to you, I vow to proceed with all due caution.

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