I have to admit, I am frustrated with my decreasing frequency of posts. For three years, roughly, I posted daily. Since the turn of the new year, I have posted every three days, give or take.

I beleive that the difference has primarily been our move to a new home. It was in quite rough shape and every week brings a new task requiring time or money to address. This only satisfies me partially, however. Prior to our move any wacky rentier challenge would prove fruitful for words; in this new location, the discovery of a gas leak or sprung roof seam generates no desire to write about it whatsoever.

I think that the lack of blab can be laid to two things: solving any given homeowner problem requires a greater time investment than solving a comparable rentier problem, and that I, personally, have no interest at all in reading about or writing about the challenges and problems that property owners face.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually do read about such, and even actively seek out sources of information on subects such as the average annualized cost of hydration via hose as opposed to inset sprinklers. But it’s literally homework, of no emotional interest or value to me, and I resent it deeply. Every moment I spend learning how to conduct fiduciary analyses of variant home irrigation systems is a moment I have utterly failed to live my life in accordance with my desires.

Expect blogging to dwindle accordingly.

One thought on “Slow down

  1. Mike, I do enjoy reading about your personal trials. Yours is one of the blogs I read for personal updates. On the other hand, that probably isn’t why you started this thing. Having lost home, family etc. and been returned to the status of renter, I do a lot of boasting about how ‘happy’ I am now that I am no longer burdened with all those squaresville problems. I don’t know if I’m happier or not. You’re at an age where it is pretty normal to buckle down and consolidate your place in life. We all do it in different ways, but it pays off later. It often seems like a dreary business when you are in the middle of it. I might be happier, not because of my divorce, but because I spent my 40’s taking care of a bunch of tedious crap that needed to be dealt with.
    PS, That “I’m going to live every second of my life to the fullest” stuff is strictly for the movies, has no more to do with reality than “Life is a veil of tears that ends when The Lord takes us home.”

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