One of the potential benefits of living in the Northern Reaches of Seattle is the opportunity to explore the many bargain-priced eateries that cluster along Aurora. Last night, Viv and I had the pleasure of dining at the Szechuan Bean Flower House, which specializes in tofu, Szechuan style.

Overwhelmed by the menu choices, we went with a per-person dinner choice and very much enjoyed the middle-of-the road fare – in huge quantities – we received, including chow mein, sweet and sour pork, and fried rice. The specific thing that made me sure we’ll return was the frantic and amused welcome we received from the host, who spared no energy in pointing out that his Tsingtao was cheaper than anyone else’s on Aurora and directed our attention to the huge servings we were provided with – easily enough for a family of six.

Personally, I was also attracted by the specials board and printed menu in Chinese. Next time, I’m ordering blind and demanding five stars.

3 thoughts on “Bean Flower

  1. We’ve liked Szechuan Bistro, on 85th across from Gorditos. We keep going back for the dry cooked string beans, but really most of what we’e had there is good. Printed menus are in english, but the special boards are hand written chinese.

  2. Ok. Szechuan Bean Flower is good. Really good. Been there twice now, and it’s going to be a regular stop when we’re on the mainland.

  3. Bad news… Szechuan Bean Flower was sold and it’s not as good as it once was. I guess it was sold when the menu started to change with fewer Szechuan items and more new items [some good like the hand shaven noodle]. But we tried it again last night and it seems like the old chef who was helping transition has now left and the food just wasn’t up to the old standards.

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