Man, what a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky, high seventies, a mild breeze.

I finally got up on the ladder and started cleaning my gutters, after I hung some plant baskets for Viv.

I owe Patrick and others a roundup and writeup on my findings concerning video post-and-host services; my take appears to be in opposition to the direction most providers are heading toward.

Anyway, hope your afternoon is as pleasant as mine has been.

One thought on “Heat

  1. It was 95 degrees here. As a rule, I hate hot weather, but this was so long overdue that it was an enormous treat. I went out in my friend’s brand new Prius. I was somewhat scornful of his trendy purchase, but my God that thing is trick. You know when you turn on a brand new Mac laptop? That feeling of “this thing is so cool”?It was kind of like that. Everything about the car was neat. He tells me that there are already moves afoot to hotrod them with lighter higher capacity batteries and hacked software. You get a continous readout of your gas mileage and at several points we were getting 99 miles per gallon. Cruising at about 50, on a flat, open road we were getting 85 mpg. I kind of hate it when tech grabs ahold of me like that. I was never that happy driving the many rusted out old beaters that I have owned. Why not? Driving home in my entirely adequate and fairly nice looking Jeep, I felt vaguely dissatisfied.

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