Still no heat, hot water, operable stoves or working dryers over here at Hard Luck Acres.

Friends of labor will be saddened to hear that three days into the bathing strike, forces greater than the massed will of the workingman (my wife) intervened to direct me to a cold shower – rimshot puhleeze!

Thank you! I’ll be here all week!

Of course, this would all go down the same week my folks are swinging by for their first visit to the house. I called and gave ’em the lowdown this afternoon. I hope we have all the mod cons up and running before they show up. My folks are tough – heatless homes and cold showers are no new events in their experience of travel – but if I recall correctly they are both over seventy and might prefer heated air and warm water.

3 thoughts on “Gas Crisis, day 3

  1. The bathing boycott was a tactic, not a strategy. Hasta la victoria siempre. Fuck da man.

  2. A few years ago, when my piece-of-shit NY landlord wouldn’t fix our boiler, I spent about two weeks bathing in the kitchen. I’d put every big pot on the stove filled with water, another in the micro, and dump hot water in a plastic bustray. Then, get a bar of soap and a washcloth, and wash one part at a time while standing on some towels in the kitchen. It was slow, but it mostly worked.

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