One of the things that made it into my car at that estate sale was a vintage Sony tape deck with analog VU meters. Happily, it works just fine. I still have many many tapes from twenty years ago, often of LPs I had checked out of the library. It will be fun to pick through them and hear some stuff i haven’t bent ear to in about fifteen years, I think. First up: Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs.

One thought on “Tape

  1. The speakers are very cool, but I really enjoyed the link to the JBL ads from 1972. All that freedom back then. Different colored plastic boxes to suit your individual need for expression. I would suggest that you boycott bathing as a way of sticking it to the man. That’ll teach the man that he better fix your gas pipes right away. Let the man know what it means to mess with someone who owns speakers in individual colored plastic boxes. Happy to see that you are able to post again.

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