Linksys BESFR41 docs, Ars Technica writeup. I’m patching thin into my home LAN as an upstairs hub and need to figure out if I want to let it run DHCP or keep it on the Airports. I also need to see what havoc the default config might enforce on stuff like Appletalk and so forth.

Oh today’s a busy day – drilling cable runs, pruning trees, cleaning house.

The same day I squashed my cell-phone, it should be noted, Viv accidentally attached her iPod to a magnetic-latch closure on her cell-phone case. The iPod was described to me as “stuck to the case.” Hearing this, I had no great hope that the tiny hard drive was functional, and indeed, after much waving of chicken feet and casting of entrails, I pronounced the device dead. Happily, it was well under warranty and so we took it to the Apple Store in U Village and they immediately replaced it.

Further adding to the week of technical misery, my car’s right turn light finally popped out of the crunched fender it has been doggedly clinging to for the past few years, and it’s currently taped in place. We haven’t been able to find the time this weekend to get it to a shop but it’s clearly necessary now.

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