So, speaking generally, the skinny on my smashed Treo is: I’m SOL. Apparently the Treo 700p is due out in mid-May (that’s the 700 with PalmOS on it instead of Windows Mobile), but Palm hasn’t made a formal announcement on this yet. That means that even used Treo 650s are running around $300 on eBay. Forum postings indicate that having a hissy fit on the phone with your provider might sometimes result in a replacement discounted phone.

I’m leaning in the direction of locating a vanilla candy-bar phone that I can use until the 700p is out and then assessing.

The screen is utterly cracked and I can’t get the phone to wake up, as the key guard feature requires a button press. However, incoming calls do activate the phone and while the display is about 50% obscured by a black fog-like area the touchscreen works perfectly well.

I did locate a Treo repairman, but the base rate to fix a dual screen and keyboard failure, including parts and labor, is over $200. My guess is that after the 700w comes out $200 will be the average resale price on eBay for the 650.

One thought on “Gruesome

  1. Just checked verizon wireless. They want $499.99 for a Treo 700. Personally, I have their bottom of the line model. It has a phone book, a scheduler, and an alarm clock. No games, no camera no nothin’. Suits my purposes. Then again, I just learned that if I upgrade I can get a phone that plays “We’re a happy family” by The Ramones whenever a family member calls. I have to pause and ponder that one.

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