FREE*PASS: All the copyright rubbish you can take for $99 a year, or $1.99 per flick. Despite my distinct perception that this is cinematic shovelware, I have not taken the time to see if all the UK Hitchcock they have is actually from or if it’s sublicensed from commercial distribution. I will note that they have a ton of black-and-white horror (lotsa Karloff) and some really crazy stuff. such as Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. But really, $1.99? That seems like it beats BitTorrent considered simply in terms of time for a lot of this stuff.

Another thought – the stuff they have available is distinctly reminiscent of the late-night local-horror-host material that was once prevalent in this great nation, and has succumbed to the wash of money that erodes local flavor with such vigor. I wonder, are there distribution restrictions on the content? Could I create a video podcast around, say, Vincent Price in The Last Man on Earth, peppering the film with shots of me in an ill-fitting bald-head wig, cape, and round-lensed black glasses, telling stupid jokes and pretending to drink from beakers of dry ice?