I had an epic dream last night in which I visited Bloomington for the first time in five years and made it out to my childhood home to see it from the inside due to the generosity of its’ new owners.

While there, a party started. Amidst the ruckus I found a set of bookshelves that my dad made for me and my sister around 1972. On the bookshelves remained a broad selection of detritus from our family’s life in Bloomington.

When the new owner arrived home from work, we spoke breifly, catching up, in the basement. During the course of our conversation the basement grew massively, eventually morphing to an outdoor airport tarmac, on which sat a large collection of antique airplaines of all ages.

The house my friend had bought had become a grounded 747, and he and his family were living within the plane. As I wandered around the aviation boneyard, I accidentally activated smallish two-engine prop plane, and the silvery relic plowed into and through the wing of my friend’s formerly airborne home.

After this debacle, my party decided to leave the premises, climbing back up the stairs into the rest of my childhood home before driving away. I was seated in the back seat of the automobile, and looking up and back toward the house and airfiled we’d just left, I saw a small craft with NASA markings launch another craft. The carrier was clearly inspired by the recent news coverage of a secret space plane.

This second craft rocketed away and then a series of craft issued, all different, one after another. Each of these craft catapulted some distance from the carrier and began to unfold, improbably. As their falls slwed, then stopped, it became apparent that each was some sort of lighter-than-air craft, all built on different plans.

Soon the sky was full of these pseudo-zeppelins, in many shapes and sizes. Somehow it became clear that they were some sort of alien invasion fleet. After this was realized, we found ourselves able to clamber aboard one; as we ascended we noticed other groups of people doing the same on other ships, all about us. Once we arrived inside the fuselage of the ship, it seemed that the party I’d dreamt of earlier has come aboard the craft.