Well, this is odd. I have oodles of stuff happening and nearly no inclination to write about it.

For the record:

I’m helping a friend to make a short film.

I have a huge pile of brush to cut into 15-inch lengths.

My wife is going to have surgery later this month.

We are having an open house at the new place just before the surgery.

I will be forty in a few days.

Oh, there’s more, but as you can imagine, rest and reflection are not my priorities.

2 thoughts on “humf

  1. I’m gonna get out MY bottle of pear brandy (pear brandy is one of my top ten most favorite things in the world, ever) and make a toast to your imminent b-day — congrats, sir!! May you enjoy your year of 40!!

    (–Also, I hope your wife’s surgery goes OK and that all will be well.)

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