Charles D’Ambrosio sketches scenes from a pre-boom Puget Sound – my good old days, chilluns – in The New Yorker.

UPDATE: I found the story, as I often do with D’Ambrsio, beautiful and evocative. Interstingly, I distinctly felt that this story was written in conscious dialogue with Alexie and Vollmann. Perhaps someday Vollmann will write of the Northwest directly.

UPDATE II: on Father’s Day 2016 I noticed that the new Yorker appears to have bitrotted this, and presumably other, old links. Fixed. This post gave me such a thrill when the author himself dropped by to express appreciation for my expression of appreciation.

One thought on “Seattle and ashes

  1. Glad you enjoyed the story. And your comment about a dialogue with S. Alexie isn’t far off. It wasn’t conscious but in the late stages of writing and editing I found myself thinking of Sherman’s story “What You Pawn I Shall Redeem” quite a bit.

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