Of late, I have been breasting my way through the purple prose of Rafael Sabatini‘s The Sea Hawk (almost nothing, it seems, to do with the Errol Flynn flick of 1940 despite the distinct probability that the film is an adaptation) on my superannuated, but happily green-glowing, Palm Vx. Sadly, as I have come to enjoy reading material in a darkened room, the Palm will not sync with my current main machine, as both it and my Palm-powered phone share a username and there is no easy way to change a username on a Palm machine.

Happily, I experimentally tried beaming a Palm Reader doc from the phone to the decrepit museum piece. It went swimmingly, and now my alarm clock is also my bedside reader, loaded with this and that. If only I could figure out how to cobble a working AvantGo conduit over the beam.

One thought on “Reading

  1. I gave up on Palm, and PDA’s in general because I was driven right around the doggone bend by my attempts to link my brand new Palm to my brand new Mac to my long standing Avant Go Account. My old Palm and my old Win ’95 computer got along just fine, and I left for work each day with a stack of newspapers and magazine loaded into the palm. Actually, I miss my Psion. I never liked Palm, or Handspring. I was really sad when Psion went out of business.

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