Pursuant to a project, some research.

The challenge: identify and install any needed software to support the Netgear MP101. The device requires a streaming server on the local network to connect to; the supplied-and-supported server is, of course, Windows-only.

Here’s a meticulous review which notes that as long as the device has the proper firmware, it supports playback from a variety of server software, such as the TwonkyVision UPnP MediaServer, which is available for Mac OS X.

The Allegro Media Server as well as the Slim Devices SlimServer also appear to meet my needs, although the interoperability of SlimServer and the MP101 is only inferred (and doubtful). I have previously installed SlimServer and it worked great, until it stopped working.

It also appears that there is an MP101 Yahoo Group.

The first challenge was to associate the device with my Airport; the device only supports 64-bit and 128-bit security and my ancient Airport is only 40-bit. I had to manually enter the appropriate hex key; even then it did not see any valid servers as it polled the DHCP local space only.

UPDATE: Total success. Using Allegro’s product, my Mac-hosted iTunes library is transparently visible to the MP101’s UPnP. However, for whatever reason, the version of the product they offer for download on their site is miscompiled and will not function as a stand-alone program; I had to track down a 1.0 version.

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  1. Huzzah! I also have 2 white spaceship Airport base stations looking for a home, if the need should ever arise.

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