I split wood again tonight for a few minutes. The block I’m splitting against is too low for comfort but I do not have a good way to raise it for the moment. Stooping to pick up the flinders kills my back within minutes. My right arm is a bit sore, which I take as a good sign. My aim seems to be improving a bit, but I am far from consistent and can’t reliably make the desired two-to-one-inch kindling I’m after.

It’s amazing how much of a sweat I get into – the work simply doesn’t seem that hard. A friend at work jokingly asked when was the last time I walked more than a couple of blocks, and I was surprised to realize it was since before we moved, of course. I need to find more places to routinize exercise now that we’re not in such a walkable neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “Woodshedding

  1. Yeah, I used to do a lot of wood splitting at my Dad’s place in Montanna. It’s good practice for chopping the limbs off of hookers you kidnap.

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