Tonight I had the months-delayed pleasure of booting up a new computer; well before the move, planning to be as broke as I am, I had grabbed a refurbished Mac Mini with the intent of building it from scratch to be my internet services machine once we landed here. It’s neat, specifically due to that tiny size and dense specific gravity. I did not opt for the firewire transfer setup – I made so many mistakes when I set up the first ancestor of Bellerophon that it would be a mistake to dump all the cruft onto the new machine.

The first OS X incarnation of Bellerophon was a Mac 9500 with a G3 card upgrade running OS X via Other World Computing’s XPostFacto. Prior to that I served pre-blog content from, variously, that 9500, a 4500, and a Power Computing desktop unit, all using a beautiful, Mac-first web server the name of which sadly escapes me. It was not a Tenon product or WebStar or MacHTTP, but some orphanware that dated back to at least OS 8. Boy was it easy to configure, but man was it hard to get it to do modern things such as includes.

Thanks to the Old Apple Web Server Directory, I can more or less guess that it was Netpresenz, but I’m not totally certain of that. zWait a moment; on reflection, I don’t think it was. Hm. I bet the app is still on the 9500; I might have to boot it up to see!

UPDATE: the web server application was Quid Pro Quo, but not that version, this one.

At any rate, the next two weeks will find me busily pursuing paid writing tasks and therefore events have conspired to prompt me to set up my new den area in the basement, where the soon-to-be server will provide hours of procrastinating productivity.