Matt Uhlmannn, who moved away from a decade-plus stint as a doctor of the cool in New Orleans to Philly a couple months before Katrina, is headed back to the Crescent City for a gig. I’m a bit concerned for him; he was obviously depressed and out of sorts after the move and adding insult to injury, was inbound to the city when the hurricane came. I know what it’s like to lose a loved one. Matt’s hoping he finds her alive. It’s not out of the question, and Bart and XY have been busting ass to save the beautiful woman. But what will Matt find?

One thought on “Matt's going back

  1. Thanks Mike, I am concerned too. I know that quite a few of my friends are no longer there so that will be weird…plus it’s going to be hard to go by my and Laura’s old house (the one we got married in…) and see it in a state of ruin, lights out and empty…it’s going to be even maybe harder to see mike hurtt’s…the photographs are heartbreaking….oh well, we’ll just have to see! Mike’s there now, at pasta’s watching “the bad news bears…” I was talking to Pasta and I hear mike the background saying “Tell Matt one word….MATHAU….”

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