A hearty quack of welcome to WIUX. Wakka wakka wakka!

FWIW, I just had one of those sublime Apple experiences that constitute the technology world’s crack equivalent: I stumbled across our Airport Express for the first time since unlimbering our reciever/amplifer and thought, what the hell, might as well plug it in to see what happens. The led on the plug turned green, and I fired up iTunes with a stream from, as it happens, my parents’ classical station, the North Carolina-based WCPE, flipped the amp over to aux, and was rewarded with the magnolia-toned accent of the announcer welcoming a station in Bay City, Michigan. Easiest post-move technology experience yet.

Let’s hope the printer sharing is as sweet.

One thought on “WIUX

  1. Now enable Bluetooth on the phone, launch Romeo, and control iTunes wirelessly, over an entirely different protocol than the one it’s using to stream the audio to your amplifier. Oh, ’tis a slippery slope, this wireless automation thing…

    Printing should be really straightforward, too.

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