Well, not that this is by any means some sort of unique, oracular reflection on today’s semi-surprise announcement of Intel-powered Macs – the scheduled ship date is a tad early – but I might was well offer my thoughts.

This weekend I had a pleasant drink or two with a good friend who was complaining about his current Dell laptop and I ritualistically plugged Apple, hipping him to the possibilities of Apple Certified and the like. As we prepared to move on from our discussion I dredged up the Macosphere rumor of the day, that Intel-based mac laptops were slated fro unveiling today. I passed it along, but scoffed heartily.

Thank you, Mac rumor sites! Today, I yam a ZHEEEHNIUOUS!

Overall, I’m impressed by the new axes. They appear to offer a significantly greater cutting-edge-to-pressure-flake ratio and make impressive use of available materials. I would not be surprised if we uncover traces of these axes in middens far, far afield of the previously recorded distribution. This, of course, implies robust trade networks.

Interestingly, the Axxle Store had not adjusted the base pricing of the previous axes, based on the now-abandonded Eastern Flake technique. Still, the hard-to-locate Cupertino axes and adzes remained available both in refurbished and new units at surprisingly comparable rates to the purportedly four-times-sharper Portland blades.

It will be well noted by veterans of similar digs that no actual instance of a Portland axe has been located despite a great deal of anticipatory research.

It is a peculiar tragedy of history that the genius responsible for three out of four base models of Axxle devices will remain forever shrouded in the mists of the Stoner Age.