Eric Sooros at the Wired Fool points out some of the stuff that makes him (and me!) glad to have broadband to the home.

Deckchairs on the Titanic gets mad enough at Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser to state that “…he sucks.” This ire is prompted by Schlosser’s enthusiasm for In-n-Out Burger, as cited in an NYT story. I dropped a line a moment ago, enquiring why that makes Schlosser suck, haven’t heard back yet, but hope to! I enjoy Deckchairs, and this reaction was confusing to me, I must admit.

As I wrote, Andrew Boardman replied to my query: “The reason that I think that Mr. Schlosser sucks is that he has written a book essentially condemning the restaurants and the meat industry that they support — and the health problems that result.”

So there you have it.

Finally, I really enjoy Tod Dominey’s site, “What Do I Know”, as much for its’ understated elegance of design and presentation as fr Mr. Dominey’s thoughtful writing. Here’s a recent entry about why it’s fun to fix things in an old house, and why it’s good to live in an old house.