After getting off the phone with Qwest, it seems that my ISP was under no technical obligation to run a separate ADSL line to the house, although Qwest notes that the locale is speed-restriced for DSL to 256k, which is a pain and has made clear to me that I was running well over that speed back at the apartment.

Here’s the interesting bit; I think I could cancel my Qwest DSL entirely and just go with the new ISP and save $15 a month, especially if Qwest notes the speed restrictions are hard-wired. The outstanding question in my mind is, “Are there technical advantages to a non-separate DSL line as opposed to the new POTS line they dropped with ADSL on it? Can I get more bandwidth by lighting fewer wires?”

It seems unlikely, actually.

The next question, of course, is “Can I multiplex the lines, especially without paying for the circuit that may or may not be attached to the Qwest line?”

Of course, I should really be doing stuff like unpacking boxes instead of wrestling with ephemera such as bitstreams.

One thought on “Batting the bits

  1. Why the speed restriction? How far are you from the CO?
    I was using a dedicated line for years and my ISP finally lured me off of it to a line-shared setup for a cheaper price. I ended up with probably 3x the speed at like $10/mo less, and no real problems. The switching over was a pain, though. They accidentally killed the wrong line and disconnected my phone. Did the same thing when I was moving out and stopped the DSL but not the voice. Genius.

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