As I started work this morning I was alerted via email that some of the live recordings from the recent all-Indiana convocation of independent musicians of the past three generations known as Musical Family Tree Fest had been posted to the Musical Family Tree site.

Browsing the site I happily discovered that my old pal John Terrill‘s mid-nineties four-track wonder “Frowny Frown” has been made available in full, a treat for me as I had never had a chance to sample this incarnation of John’s sonic madness.

Of special interest and appreciation for me were a reworked, county-tinged version of my favorite of John’s songs, Angeline, the new to me and quite amusing Chuch Bus Blues, the agreeably downbeat Blind, and the deliciously psychedelic Stoney Mansions.


Terrill appears to have also contributed the Rosebloods records, Dragon in the Field and Under the Apple Tree, which saves me the trouble of digitizing them myself, by God! Huzzah!

2 thoughts on “Stoney Mansion

  1. This is wonderful! I haven’t heard The Gizmos since the 80s. Bloomington has certainly been home to some fabulous music. Thanks for posting this.

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