Upon inserting the Elph’s 1gb card into my card reader, only a subset of the files I knew were there appeared in the Mac OS. Upon reinserting the card into the camera and hitting playback, I was pleasantly informed that there was “No File.”

So I shot some more test pix.

I had been planning a card experiment anyway, as Viv has been pestering me to learn how to get pictures from her phone, a Nokia 6220, on to her computer. When I bought the phone, it was supported by iSync; now, however, it is not, and in fact, there is no Google-able solution for easy data exchange to the Mac with this phone at the moment.

(Unless, by now, there is! via burning paper. crazy!)

The phone is much mocked for the idiotic placement of the SD card, buried deep beneath the battery, so even should this methodology work it’s less than desirable.

Happily, her card read fine and I was easily able to grab all the video and pictures from it. Unhappily, sometime in June, she started shooting to the internal storage of the phone. The phone does provide a mechanism to shift photos from the internal storage to the card, but only one at a time, and the procdure requires several button presses to complete for each image.

Once this had been attended to, I reinserted the Canon’s card.

Once again, the dreaded words: “The Finder cannot complete the operation because some data in ‘IMG_0001.JPG’ could not be read or written.” Sigh. Looks like I need to do some research, or maybe actually insert the Canon-supplied software disc. At least this time it didn’t nuke the images.