Well, using Uploadr, I was able to upload a bunch of pictures to Flickr. For some reason, FlickrExport is still uncooperative.

Here are some of the pix you can see over at my Flickr page:


After repeated rounds of yelling, begging, emailing, and so forth, my ISP went right ahead and sent out a second router of the exact same model. I’m unimpressed, and still lack parity with pre-move services.


We found and hauled a clawfoot tub Saturday around noon. Thanks to Greg and Stacey for the loan of the truck!


Saturday evening, Petr began to lay the floor.


A Nationalist Chinese stamp, I think. Pre-forties?


This is the most interesting of the stamps we found in the house. It appears to be a Russian 20-kopek stamp from 1899 or thereabouts. The cancellation reads “Nikolais” and “1 X 07.6.”


This lovely one is Hungarian, and the cancellation is from 1968.