Well, I think I found my first Tiger app incompatibility: The Missing Sync. I’ve downloaded the last version 4 update and have a $25 upgrade coupon for 5, so I might just spend the dough.

The interior painting on the house is basically done. That leaves the laying of the new floor, refinishing the old one, and retrimming the rooms. They’ll definitely be done by the end of the month. Looks like renting a sanding suite for the old floors will run about $100 a day; the provisioners both speculated that the sanding should only take a day. Here’s hoping.

On the way up to the house this morning, we drove by a house which we’d looked at in Wallingford, a beat-up but still handsome craftsman. On the median by the sidewalk was a de-footed claw-foot tub, clearly set out for hauling. We pulled into a neighboring drive to ask if we could haul it away, and the new homeowner was happy to let us do so. Viv didn’t think she could lift it with me, so I called a few friends to see if I could borrow them for a few moments. I struck out, but Greg and Stacey were kind enough to loan us their truck.

As it turned out, Viv was able to assist sufficiently that we were able to get it into the truck with no problem. From haunting salvage stores lately, we were well-versed in the going rates for claw-foot tubs, and nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than a good dumpster find.

One thought on “Out of Sync

  1. The MS 5 upgrade has garnered a LOT of discussion on the missing-sync support list, which you would do well to read. Consensus is that the 5.02 version is better than earlier versions but still…. imperfect. I have been running 5.01 with some teethgnashing, and update to 5.02 is on my list for this weekend. This is hindered by my keeping such lists in MS syncable apps.

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