The laptop did successfully resurrect, and so far i haven’t run into any application compatibility problems. I haven’t had the time or inclination to explore the bells and whistles. I suppose the one I want to demo most strongly is videoconferencing in iChat, which I am sure I will be able to explore with Eric and my dad. However, at the time that Tiger was released, I recall reviewing the hardware requirements and concluding that the in-house hardware did not support the feature to an acceptable degree, and will not for some time to come.

UPDATE: light text on dark background font smoothing in Tiger SUCKS.

One thought on “Tiger, liger, whatever.

  1. Attention Mike Whybark Infidel: 2004 called, they want their operating system review back!

    Sadly, I’ve had it installed since it came out, and still haven’t managed to check out videoconferencing. I should put that back on my to-do list.

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