Lawn: mowed.

Edging: started.

Contractor: engaged.

The contractor made great progress today, nearly completing the removal of the paneling. Viv worked on cleaning the shelves we puled from closets and cabinets throughout the house.

Treo 102905 006-1

The washer and dryer were delivered but we hit a snag when the leads to the hoses each leaked, in the valve. We had to figure out how to turn the water to the house off (as the gate valves leading to the leads also leaked when engaged), and ended turning it off at the street, since predictably enough the in-house master valve was not only broken-handled but flat-out broken.

I also confirmed that dial-tone is in the good phone jacks, and the DSL router confirms a good circuit, so I’m just waiting on my ISP to execute the move order.

An odd issue cropped up when I noticed survey marks labeled ‘TV’ running through my yard to the house in the rear, which which we share a driveway. The survey line runs down the interior edge of my side lawn and across a set of concrete stairs which would presumably need to be jackhammered to lay the conduit. I have heard, I think, that Seattle has an ordinance against new above-ground line services, and so this must be from my neighbor (who also just bought their house) calling for cable. Of course, I haven’t heard anyone asking for permission to dig up my yard. My inclination is that the line must be laid under the driveway, and not at my expense. The driveway is an exisisting easement, and probably will be more expensive to dig and repave. The main reason I want the cable run in the driveway is to enforce the easement, I think. I really don’t want neighbors or cable goons digging up my yard whenever, and if the service is restricted to the easement, we have existing legal documents covering access.

I also don’t really want to get off on the wrong foot with my new neighbor. So. It’s a bit of a delicate situation. Viv already pointed out to me that I come off as angry and defensive when discussing this, so I will need some practice or something. At the very least I need to determine if it is in fact a city thing that new cable runs must be underground. Because I would not care at all if they strung the cable from the existing service pole in the yard.