Week two of the remodel and the check I just wrote tells me we’ll be over budget. Still, we’re asking for a lot and I do think we have a shot at getting it in before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we’re looking at floors all morning, starting early.

There’s a store near where I live that advertises Seattle’s largest selection of imported beers. I’d guess the claim is true. I found several beers I’ve been looking for for some time on an inaugural visit. The selection is grouped by country, as in a wine shop, and offers extensive tasting notes fluttering from the shelves. I’m looking forward to regular visits.

The ISP says they will have a site visit implemented on Monday. Here’s hoping.

2 thoughts on “Budget

  1. That beer market rules! The futon store isn’t bad either. Note: I used to live about two blocks from that location. What if…

  2. And what, pray tell, is the name of this polycontinental Mecca of fermented barley malt juice bliss? (With all apologies to our Muslim brothers and sisters for my heresy, of course.)

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