On Saturday, Petr found a rat hiding in the closet of the new place.

On Sunday I set four traps.

On Tuesday, I found the rat, dead in the one I set by the furnace. The animal did not appear to suffer, as the trap bar landed directly across the brain pan. Happily, there was no mess, apart from the rat’s body.

However, there are little bits of rat poop through out the house now. Yick.

In other news, Qwest has finally completed the telephone services migration. Tomorrow, my ISP claims they will show up to configure the router. I’ll believe that when I see it.

One thought on “Rattus

  1. This evening I took the trip to the cellar to check the traps the exterminator person (hired by the landlord) had placed there a couple days past. Three traps, in different corners of the room.

    I couldn’t find two of the traps. After fetching a flashlight I found two traps, with a rat, down in the sump pump trap.

    Inspecting the evidence I’m now wondering about having the traps at all.

    The rat took the first trap on the rear leg, thrashed about a bit, fell four feet off a shelf (from crawlspace to cellar proper), travelled 10 feet across the room and then encountered its demise in the second trap. This seems cruel and unfortunate.

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