This weekend, Tom mentioned that Bloglines and NetNewsWire work well together. I had no idea. The key is that you read the bloglines-hosted (redirected?) feeds instead of the feeds directly from the original providers. Hm.

The online help topic at Ranchero, “How to Use Bloglines with NetNewsWire,” covers this. Imagine that! Reading the manual to learn how to use a softwares!

In other issues, did AVG can the free version? I cain’t lay hand to hide upon it.

2 thoughts on “Aha

  1. I looked at the Bloglines sync a while back, and was underwhelmed… The Newsgator synchronization should be fuller, when it ships. Until then, I just use the mobile bloglines on the phone when I’m on the go.

    On the go! I’m so noughties!

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