The video iPod is not yet in Apple stores.

There is an Apple-hosted page on converting or creating video content for your iPod here. In essence, downsize it to spec using Quicktime 7 tools.

There is a page here which covers working with Tivo To Go content, importing and exporting it to and from the DRM the content comes wrapped in. In essence, use one of a few tools to save it as plain MPEG.

Unknown until tested are the undocumented features that may or may not be found in association with the S-Video out port on the new iPod dock; in particular, can the S-Video port support higher-resolution playback than the built-in screen’s native resolution of 320 x 240, quarter-VGA. Standard NTSC is 640×480, if I recall correctly.

Finally, will the iTunes store’s current podcast support seamlessly allow videobloggers to deliver content? Could an extant podcaster with a currently-supported podcast stream available through the Store slipstream video content to the new device?


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  1. I’d be willing to bet that the iPod s-video out *does* support higher resolution than the LCD is capable of handling, as not being able to would mean transferring iTMS video stuff from iTunes Library to iPod was actually doing downsampling of the files, which seems pretty unlikely, and would be a huge waste of processing.

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