Speaking as a man who once gave his wife a Roomba for her birthday, something I doubt she will ever foorget, Litter-Robot, the automatic self-cleaning cat litter box that really works, looks worth investimagatin’ if pricey. (Via, um, Tom? I fergit)

(The Roomba has a bum leg at the moment; I was able to diagnose it easily enough but so far the veterinary care instructions, largely involving the use of compressed air, have failed.)

2 thoughts on “A lovely anniversary gift

  1. The cat currently in residence at KJ Southwest IN has an electronic litterbox, which I unwittingly witnessed. It made a horrible wheezing sound as it (raked? sifted? sorted?) the box, but it seems to work OK. Me, I thought the mice in the garage had started a combustible engine.

  2. The drive belt for one of the wheels on my Roomba v1 broke a while ago, causing it to spin around in circles. I was able to replace the belt fairly easily with a same-sized rubber washer from the plumbing section of Lowes. Taking everything apart and putting it back together again was a bit of excitement, but compared to some other electronic toys, they really do make the Roomba easy to hack on. I approve.

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