Free downloads – TrueType core fonts for the Web: well, actually, no, it’s not, anymore.

Which is messed up. I was reluctant to start using Microsoft’s fonts in page design, but they are excellent fonts. Now, years later, yank! Don’t bruise your ass in the fall!

I suppose that it’s possible they might have some replacement in the kitchen. But someone’s boss instructed them to fix the site so it reads as it does today.

7 thoughts on “a bummer.

  1. What were their free fonts anyway? Verdana, Times New Roman, Arial, Comic Sans, and ???

    Maybe Apple should release the fonts that they include with OS X….

  2. I think that your three are also members of the “postscript default set” which Adobe made available in the chipset of the first laser printers. The only one I’m not sure about is Zapfino – there were two Zapf-designed fonts in that set, Zapf Dingbats and Zapf Chancery. Is Zapfino one of these under a different name?

    BTW – Adobe Garamond Condensed was the Apple house logo font until, um, this Macworld, when a font that looks a lot like Sand took over.

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