One thought on “How deep's the water momma?

  1. yeah, I’m sure if our stuff was in that house it woulda got flooded. and we woulda had to wade thru water with a panicking mimi, panicking pasta and about 3 panicking 3 cats in tow….nopt to mention a panicking ME!!! haha I remember our nieghborhood being flooded before, so I can picture it perfectly in my mind. lol. what a mess. I used this same map to see my storage space from outta space. building still has it’s roof and only 2 foot of flooding…my stuff is on 2nd floor. I think my stuff is alright. except of course the climate control is off, which means it’s literally probably 120 degrees in there and a mold growing paradise. I hope my records don’t turn into shrinky dinks. then I can’t be dj matty no mo’.
    on a much less light hearted note. I looked up mike hurtts corner, and unless I read it wrong it said max water—7 feet. mike had a 1st floor apartment….I don’t know if mike knows of this map..but I’m gonna call him today…I can’t even really think about it…it’s just real, real, tragic….all of mikes things might be gone…including unreleased pendletons tapes and brace yourself mike….I’m not sure if Mike Hurtt didn’t have the original MODOCK recordings at this house…
    Pasta’s ‘hood had about six foot of water…but pasta had 2nd floor apartment, so maybe his stuff is o.k.?!?! still 4 foot of water there so he couldn’t go back to get it yet unless he had a boat…
    it looks like MODLANG’s street had no flooding at all..and if settly’s house wasn’t looted..then it seems natural to assume there is a good chance modlang’s wasn’t either.
    Jay and Stephanies house, as I had feared, looks bad, 6.5 feet of water on thier street…

    I have to stop looking at this thing…no more looking for a friend of mine’s house to see if it’s flooded or not…I can’t take it anymore, and there just seems something morbid about it… Wait, what?

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