As expected, today’s Apple fooraw generated a big yawn from me. Another iPod! Imagine that! Whoop-de-doo!

And a phone with iTunes but no other Apple-designed user-interface features, except, I guess, the ability to synch contacts with Outlook. Which, one supposes, bemuses the Mac-owning folks out there that have been using Address Book over Outlook lo, these many years. The most interesting thing about this announcement is the fact that Apple bent enough to let Cingular advertise iTunes with the Cingular font in that orange box:

 Itunes Mobile Images Indexitunescingular20050907-1

Which, I suppose, lends credence to the rumors that the phones release was delayed because Apple was fighting with the labels about licensing and pricing – Cingular would be in a better negotiating position regarding branding issues the longer Apple had to delay launching, I would think.

Ah, what do I know?