Five years ago, helicopters hovered over my neighborhood for a week, night and day. At first, they were a novelty, of interest to me because of my love of flying and flight technology.

Then, they became a signpost in the sky – I could find whatever absurd police/protester/neighborhood interaction was taking place by looking for the choppers.

Finally, after, oh, about five or so days of the increasingly oppressive noise, I began to wish that the whirlybirds would just go away.

I took to raising my arm, sighting down it, and pretending that I was firing a gun at the damnable things. I joked about it, but in my secret heart, I wished that my arm was a firearm.

4 thoughts on “Helicopters

  1. You can bring down a helicopter with small arms fire if it appears larger than your thumb held at arms length. Otherwise, save your ammo.

  2. Mike,

    Remember that throwing high-speed things at helicopters can result in helicopters throwing larger high-speed things at you.
    Several people in Iraq have learned this, to their dismay.
    Several people in New Orleans who don’t like their neighbors receiving aid (water, food, etc.) need to learn this, preferably to their dismay.
    PLEASE do all of us a favor; don’t learn this to your dismay.

    Another Jim

  3. I just do the ‘Kids in the Hall’ trick Jim and it works pretty well…
    ‘Come on down to L.A., ‘cuz we don’t want to make any money folks, we just love to shoot copters…’
    Heh, heh, heh

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