Perusing the predictably long MetaFilter thread on Katrina, the Category 5 hurricane currently bearing down on New Orleans, I thought it might be worthwhile to stripmine it for links. Current projection has the storm, reportedly sporting 175mph winds, making landfall late Sunday night and hitting the city dead center. My thoughts are with the city, a unique American treasure.

I linked to these live webcams in NOLA already, but they are worth another link.’s map of Katrina’s projected path, and for comparison, this stormtrack map from

To get an idea of the seriousness of this impending event, skim though this academic paper evaluating what might have happened had hurricane Ivan made landfall at New Orleans.

A Times-Picayune roundup of local resources for the storm. The Daily Lush has weighed in from Pat O’Brien’s, well written and worth a read.

Featured among the disaster’s predicted excreta are floating balls of fire ants.

Nova’s look at hurricanes includes a simulation of the tidal surge’s effects on the city basin.

The Hurricane Watch Network will be broadcasting on local radio beginning at about 2pm local time Sunday. A kind soul has whipped up a live stream for the Hurricane Watch Network’s broadcast.

Mark Kraft is providing some community resources on LJ for those affected by the storm, and a MetaTalk thread has opened for offers of couches and the like to the displaced denizens of New Orleans.

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  1. Floating balls of fire ants is an absolutely terrifying concept.

    My sister is very happy she moved from New Orleans to semi-rural Indiana!!

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