The Morning News – Is Gotham the New Interstate? by Dimitri Siegel gets down with fontographer Tobias Frere-Jones.

Note to self: hyphenate last name with basic Fench word. Perhaps I’ll be hired, or spotlighted.

Michael Stylo-Whybark
M. David Craie-Whybark
Michael David-Whybark (no, breaks the rule)
Mike Croissant-Whybark

Hm. Maybe ye olde moniker de famille is too complex for this game. Perhaps

Michael Baguette-Bark
Michel Salo-Ibark

That’s it! Now, I really must locate my tiny, diamond-shaped antique specs…

One thought on “more fontage from TMN!

  1. Michel Salo-Ibark is a clear winner.

    Unfortunately for me, the Francophone version of “Paul” is “Paul”.

    But I could stick a ‘von’ in the middle and suddenly elevate myself to the rank of European royalty.

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