As sunset illuminated the city with pinks and reds, Viv and I drove home from West Seattle. We have just placed our fourth offer on a home. This one looks very much as though we will get it. We are both excited about it, too.

I invented a drink to celebrate for Viv, the Homebuyer’s Sunset, which I realized I should video just after I made it. I shot a couple minutes on the Treo. Editor B, it’s yourn if’n you want it, although perhaps I should have been shooting the whole process, beginning several months ago. Geez, I really should have. Dang.

2 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Hope it works out! I think any homebuyer drink in your market should be accompanied by a lovely helping of xanax. Yikes!

  2. Not to worry, we got our own homebuying process on tape. You can see it in ROX #91 and #92. But I would like to see the video of the drink. We may do a Part III, so we’re still collecting footage.

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