Treonauts: Alarming your Treo points to a couple alarm apps for the Treo.

I got here by beginning a hunt for a timer-based audio on/off program for the phone. I keep forgetting to turn the phone ringer off when I get into the car and then forgetting to turn it on when I get out of the car.

A few more links:

KeyGuardTime+ and ClockPop 5 each drop a clock in that appears when you press a button on the phone to wake the screen up (if I understand correctly).

RingerSwitch Basic 1.2 and RingerSwitch Pro 1.2 appear to be designed to help remind you that you’ve turned the ringer off manually, not quite what I am after.

UPDATE: A poster at TreoCentral suggests ScheduleCare or ProfileCare.

Utterly off topic, but HOLY COW! Google Maps for the Treo: Kmaps. Requires a Java engine on the handset, which must be installed by the user, so I haven’t yet done this (my twiddling and dinking time is even more limited than my blogging time).